Larsmo skärgård en solig sommardag

The municipality of Larsmo was founded in 1867. Larsmo is made up of 365 isles and islands with a shoreline that is nearly 500 km long. It is bounded by Lake Larsmo in the east and the Gulf of Bothnia in the west, the City of Karleby in the north, and the City of Jakobstad in the south.

The largest islands are Larsmo and Eugmo, and the main residential areas are Risö, Holm, Eugmo, and Bosund. The municipality encompasses 142 km² and has a population of 5 732 (2022). A large part of the population commutes to the neighboring municipalities.

The industrial structure of Larsmo has gone through major changes since the 1990s. The importance of traditional industries like fishing, hunting, and agriculture has diminished. Today, the economic structure is based on the service industry and small, local industries. The boat-building industry is of utmost importance.

Larsmo kommuns vapen med tvåmastad skötbåt i silver på blå botten

The coat-of-arms of Larsmo was officially approved in 1952. It has been designed by Gustaf von Numers and and depicts a two-masted boat (skötbåt) in silver on a blue shield (a skötbåt is a traditional fishing vessel which could be sailed or rowed). The coat-of-arms symbolizes the boat-building and fishing traditions in the municipality.

For more information about the history of Larsmo, please contact local history archives of Larsmo.