Daycare service and education

Lekredskap på Holm skolas gård

Daycare service

There are six swedish daycare units in Larsmo, in Bosund, Holm, Grev and Furuholmen.

Children in the age range 10 months and 5 years are entitled to municipal early childhood education and care (ECEC). Here is more information about early childhood care in Finland.

Applications for a place in early childhood education is made electronically. Applications are submitted 4 months in advance or no later than 2 weeks before the early childhood education begins.

Pre-primary education

Before taking part of basic education, sex-year-old children attend a free pre-primary education the municipality arranges. The pre-primary education is compulsary under the Basic Education Act.

The pre-primary school one enrolles in is based on the homeaddress, you enroll in the nearest to home pre-primary school. Every child is being called a place and information is sent home usually in February. Apply to pre-primary education in the Wilma electronic service.

Supplementary daycare

Supplementary daycare is arranged by the division of early childhood education in premises of the pre-primary education.

You need to fill in an electronic application.

The supplementary daycare fee is based on income.

Compulsory education

There are four primary schools (grades 1-6) in Larsmo; Bosund, Holm, Näs and Risö school. Cronhjelm school is the only school in Larsmo for grades 7-9.

Apply to compulsory education in the Wilma electronic service.

Finnish speaking pupils (pre-school to 9th grade) attend finnish speaking schools in Jakobstad.

In Finland, you can apply to general general upper secondary school (highschool, vocational school) after you have completed comprehensive school.

Preparatory education for pre-primary education and comprehensive education

Compulsory education applies to persons aged under 18 who live in Finland permanently. A person is considered to be living in Finland permanently if they have a municipality of residence in Finland

If your child has a residence permit based on temporary protection but not a municipality of residence and you live in Larsmo you have the right to participate in pre-school, compulsory education or preparatory education. The school and the school community support childrens welfare and a safe everyday life.

Preparatory education for pre-primary education and comprehensive education is offered to children arriving to Finland from Ukraine.

Morning and afternoon activities for basic education

Morning and afternoon activities for basic education is arranged in schools/pre-schools.

Apply through the Wilma electronic service.

The fee for morning an afternoon activities for pupils isn´t based on income.


Schools in Larsmo use the Wilma web interface. Wilma is an electronic service which is a communication tool used for contacts between the schools and home. Absences and study results are reported via Wilma and you can apply for school transportation.

School transportation

If a pupil in grades 1-3 lives more than 3 kilometres away from his or her school, he or she is entitled to free school transportation. Pupils in grades 4-9 are entitled to free school transportation if they live more than 5 km from their school. Pupils in pre-school are entitled to free school transportation on the same principles as pupils in grades 1-3.  More information about school transportation in Larsmo in the school tranportation regulations.

Pupils in upper secondary school can apply for school transport subsidy from KELA if the school trip exceeds 7 km. More information about school transport subsidy on KELA´s webpages.

Apply for school transportation through Wilma.

More information about daycare and education (in swedish and finnish):